StudyGem Loan Program

How Program Works

StudyGem Loan Program Rules

StudyGems Loan program creates a contract with the student with the understanding that the ISG provides the StudyGem Rental Sets, and at all times maintains ownership of the gemstones. Rental Fees are set forth on the Product Information Page. Each StudyGem set comes with a unique parcel number and all sets are different, allowing students to study a variety of gemstones.

Our sending the StudyGem Sets to you by rental agreement does not negate or otherwise end our ownership of these gemstones. At any time that a student either refuses to return a gemstone or gemstone set, loses a gemstone or gemstone set, or ships a gemstone set to us uninsured and is lost in shipping, the student agrees to be finally responsible for the loss of the StudyGem Set in the following amounts:

Replacement of StudyGem Sets

StudyGem Colored Gemstone Set: US$500.00

StudyGem Created and Treated Gemstone Set: US$500.00

StudyGem Diamond Set: US$1,000.00

StudyGem Advanced Gem Identification Set: US$800.00


  • The above rates will also apply to all gemstones returned damaged.
  • The ISG will not provide StudyGem Rental Sets to non-registered students.
  • Failure to return the StudyGem Rental Sets will immediately void the students registration and all tuition fees will be forfeit. 

Repackaging of StudyGem Sets due to student mishandling of the packaging materials will be at a rate of $50.00 per set.